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Outside your arms I am free

to mock and laugh

like the magpies, vulgarly,

or ride the wild air

freezing the world below me with my harrier’s eye,

follow the blundering kereru

through the forest


strut stiff and steely silent in the shallows

flick fretfully at last-year’s leaves

dance and moon in the face of strangers.

Yet always my thoughts circle

and are drawn back

and like the starlings at dusk

I long to slap down

and feel myself again


in the prison of your branches.

Punctuated piece

As I write

the world is in peace

dogs and mountains

sleep stretched in the sun

trees stand lank and lazy by the lake

ducks drift idly

only the aeroplane

circling practising

engine cut-



ting again

disturbs the day

like uninvited,