By the Tracks We Leave

I  believe that books, like birds, are made to travel and sing. The majority of books, however, spend most of their time caged – in a library storeroom, forgotten on a pile waiting to be read, or languishing on a high shelf somewhere.

For that reason, I am launching my new book, By the Tracks We Leave, by placing free copies at selected locations around the world, with the invitation to readers to take them, read them and then pass them on or leave them somewhere else from where they can continue their travels. I would also love to know where my fledgeling books get to, so readers are invited to contact me, via this site or Facebook, to tell me where they found the book and where they released it again – and if they wish, to pass back comments on the story.

Release points are at selected ‘little free libraries’ (also known as ‘lilliput libraries’ and  ‘travelling libraries’) that are increasingly being set up around the world to encourage reading by making book-swaps easy.

Walking in the Otago hills of New Zealand, Rogan Fielding stumbles across the body of a dead man – JT Nielsen. Intrigued, Rogan tries to discover more about the man, and to reconstruct the details of his life. As he does so, he is led ever more deeply not just into Nielsen’s past, but the lives of the people who knew him – including neighbours, Jenny and her autistic son.

And as Nielsen’s story unfolds, Rogan finds himself confronted by two irreconcilable versions of the man: local hero, international villain. Which he chooses to believe seems likely to affect not only Nielsen’s legacy, but Rogan’s own future and happiness…

By the Tracks We Leave is published by CreateSpace. 

To purchase the book on-line, go to or contact me by leaving a message here. Price: US$12.95 + postage

The CreateSpace version of By the Tracks We Leave supersedes the previous version released as an e-book on Amazon. 


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