David Briggs . . .

Briggs_pic. . . is a British-born geographer, environmental scientist, writer and poet.

After a career in academia in England, during which he published widely, he moved to New Zealand in 2009. He now lives in Ruby Bay, near Nelson, where he devotes himself to creative writing, in the company of his wife and their three dogs.

His debut novel, The Direction of Our Fear, was published in September 2016, by BMS Books Ltd – an imprint of Business Media Services Ltd, Rotorua.

By the Tracks We Leave, published by CreateSpace, was launched in November 2017.

Several of his poems have also been published, and have won prizes for poems both internationally and in New Zealand.



6 thoughts on “David Briggs . . .”

  1. I’ve happily found a copy of your book By the Tracks We Leave at a bus station, left there by Books on the Bus! Looking forward to reading it and passing it on to the next lucky traveller.

  2. Just finished reading By the tracks we leave, picked it up from a little free libraries in Sumner, Christchurch, GREAT READ and thought provoking!

  3. Hi David

    I picked up your book at the Forester in Rai Valley. – Well your book hasn’t traveled a big distance yet … we live in the Rai Valley and I sell the eggs at the Forester.

    I very much enjoyed your book “by the tracks we leave”. – I loved, that you wrote about stuff you personally know … you have been on a walk and slept in a hut yourself … well, it just felt like that! And I also liked your story because it was placed mainly in New Zealand. – You knew what your were writing about. – It just felt right.

    The story line was straight forward. – Not difficult to follow. Fist I had to get used to that there where always “strangers” in between telling there part. But I have to admit, these “strangers” gave the story depth and made me think a lot about my life and the tracks I will be leaving.

    One thing I didn’t like or, felt like I was lead astray … the land slip Rogan came across and couldn’t pass (had to stay with Jenny instead). For me you built some tension there and it didn’t go anywhere. I always thought this landslip was caused by a faulty dam and the geologist was on to something with his last walk and all his notes.

    I read the book within a week and dropped it off at the Forester Restaurant next Friday (with the eggs!). – I only read a book that fast when it really grips me!!!

    Elma, Melcom and Robert from the Forester told me your story: You organised a writers meeting and you personally left your book there for people to read. – Fantastic!!! Thank you very much!

    Last week when I dropped off the eggs at the restaurant, your book was gone. – I really hope it will travel the world … it does deserve it!

    And something else: I found your book very appealing because your emails (contacts) were there and you asked for feedback. Many times I wanted to send an author a feedback but couldn’t figure out how to get in contact with him/her. I also very much like the idea that a book should be passed on and not rot on someone’s book shelf.

    I will keep an eye out for your books … like to read more!

    I wish you all the very best and happy writing!

    Kind regards
    Rose Marie Schupbach

  4. By the tracks we leave found in Outram Lilliput Library, March 2018. Yet to be passed on.

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